Womens Health

Urinary incontinence in women following childbirth is not considered to be a disease, yet it negatively affects the woman's sense of well-being often leading to social and sometimes psychological difficulties. What most women don't realize is how prevalent the problem is today, with one Irish study finding 49% of the women studied had developed urinary incontinence following childbirth.

Often, women can turn to the use of absorbent materials without having their problem properly diagnosed and treated. The staff at Dalkey Clinic have trained extensively in this area, and through careful diagnosis will be able to advise on a suitable treatment plan.

Early detection of urinary incontinence is the key to solving postnatal incontinence problems. This is an important consideration as, if untreated following childbirth, urinary incontinence can continue into old age. Added to which, women have little perception that urinary incontinence may be progressive in nature.