Pilates & Anti-Natal Classes

With our chartered physiotherapists trained in these areas, we are able to offer small group classes as well as individual tuition. With numbers not exceeding 7 per class, you can be assured of close attention from a qualified healthcare professional.

Pilates is a form of exercise which seeks to stabilize and develop the core muscles. Using unique principles of breathing and movement, it enhances your flexibility, coordination and fitness. Unlike a lot of exercises, once the principles are learned it is easy to do at home as little or no equipment is required, but the effects can be dramatic. Originally used by dancers, it is now a part of most professional sports training, including the Irish rugby team. You can now derive the benefits of this method to prevent injuries, and to alleviate chronic conditions like back pain.

Our ante-natal classes are run by a fully trained women's health physiotherapist. With experience in running programmes for the Rotunda Hospital, care and attention is guaranteed for participants.