Preventative: Ozone

What is Ozone?
Ozone (O3) is, amongst other things, a very powerful anti-bacterial agent which can now be used to treat dental decay without drilling.

How does it work?
The HealOzone unit delivers a high dose of ozone to the tooth. By working on a vacuum based system, the ozone can only be delivered to the isolated tooth, thus ensuring that no ozone escapes into the mouth. This acts on the bacteria which cause decay, whilst also changing the environment from an acidic to a more alkaline one which will promote the remineralisation and healing of the tooth.

What do you mean “healing of the tooth”?
Decay is caused by bacteria which use sugar in the diet to produce acids. These acids then remove the mineral from enamel. This will eventually progress, if unchecked, to a cavity for which the only treatment is a filling. However, if the decay can be caught before it causes a hole it is possible, by changing the environment, to encourage the enamel to remineralise and heal.

Who is the procedure effective for?
For anybody who has early decay which has not yet made a hole in the tooth. A simple, painfree ozone treatment could be the start of that tooth healing and never needing a filling. Following the treatment it may be necessary to use a specially formulated toothpaste, rinse and spray to further encourage the remineralistion.